16 Social Media Horror Movies

Image for article titled 16 Movies That Prove Social Media Was Horrifying Even Before Elon Musk Bought Twitter

The beginnings of social media ushered in an era of Web 2.0 fears, the loss of privacy and the threat of cyberbullying among them, more the depressing realization that everyone you went to high school with was openly racist.

In the decades since, we have found new, more existential flaws in the Matrix, like troll trusses encourage the dissemination of false and harmful information Algorithmically transmitted to our apps in order to confirm our existing prejudices, or perhaps Craft we really angry. BBut we are still marching. Aaddicted to the endorphin rush caused by a few likes, and to that equally heady feeling of righteous indignation, we’ve lost meaning there is no particular value to objective reality.

Opinions on business mogul Elon Musk vary wildly, but this week news that He buys Twitter and corporate privatization raised concerns. He promises to open the platform’s algorithms to public scrutiny, which is probably a good thing, but what happens to an already problematic platform once it comes under the exclusive control of one of the richest individuals in the world? AEwelair? Or a new descent into hell? Guess we’ll have to keep scrolling to find out.

Popular entertainments often have struggled to keep up pace of technological change, but we’ve been living in this world long enough that movies have done some awesome, entertaining, and darkly funny statements about our online lives. A few of them are even close to capturing The horrors of reality.

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