7 in 10 job seekers think their parents’ social status affects their jobs


7 in 10 job seekers believe their parents’ social status affects their jobs – Korea Times

7 in 10 job seekers think their parents’ social status affects their jobs

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By Lee Hae-rin

Seven in ten job seekers believe their home background is playing an increasing role in their jobs, and nearly half of them felt a sense of inferiority when looking for a job, according to a recent survey.

Of the 1,173 job seekers surveyed by the recruitment platform Saramin on Tuesday, 70.8% of those surveyed agreed that their parents’ abilities and family background determine their success in finding a job.

Some 67 percent of those polled said that influence had increased compared to the past, while only 8 percent said that influence had decreased.

More than half of respondents, or 53.1 percent, said they felt inadequate for this reason when preparing for the job market.

They experienced this feeling “when a person inherits wealth from parents or relatives,” 60.8% of them saying so when multiple responses were allowed. Among the other reasons: “when someone gets a job thanks to the influence of their parents” at 48.6%, “when someone has no worries about their future education or career” at 40.8 % and “when someone receives financial support from their parents and doesn’t need to have a part-time job” at 38.7 percent.

Respondents considered their chances of social mobility improbable, as 85.8% of respondents experienced a gap between different social classes. Only 36.1 percent responded that it is possible to overcome or reduce this gap.

Saramin interviews job seekers on these issues every year. Last year, 63.9% of 2,107 respondents believed in parents’ influence on employment, while 40.3% said they felt inadequate, showing that the percentages all increased this year.

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