’90 Day Fiancé ‘stars continue to anger fans with deceptive social media posts



  • 90 day fiancé stars make money through branded social media partnerships.
  • Nicole Nafziger misleads fans with an article on pregnancy.
  • To do what 90 day fiancé do the stars post something misleading and then apologize?

Nicole Nafziger on ’90 Day Fiancé ‘| CCM

90 day fiancé the stars are paid to appear on the popular TLC reality show. But the rate is rumored to be quite low. Thus, many stars of the franchise use their fame to turn their social media accounts into sources of income. But it can sometimes cause frustration and confusion among fans, as many of these sponsored posts can be quite misleading.

Appearing on 90 day fiancé gives many of the show’s stars the opportunity to become social media influencers and earn money through brand partnerships. Some have built impressive followers. Like Jorge Nava’s ex-wife, Anfisa Nava, who has more than 800,000 followers on Instagram. Russ Mayfield’s ex-wife, Paola Mayfield, has amassed over a million followers on this platform.

Angela Deem, Nicole Nafziger, and Deavan Clegg have all tried to grow their audiences and make money through branded posts and promotions. But when a social media account gets big enough, that means it’s time to bring in some third-party managers and posters. And that can sometimes cause some confusion.

Nicole Nafziger misleads fans with pregnancy article

Nicole is now Azan Tefou’s ex and they no longer appear on 90 day fiancé. But she still tries to capitalize on her reality TV fame through her social media. Recently, seven-year-old May’s mother posted a photo of a sonogram on her Instagram Story with the word “Surprise!” written on.

But the message was not about Nicole. Instead, it was a link to the news of Jorge Nava’s pregnancy with his new girlfriend. When confused fans started asking questions, Nicole posted an apology.

“No, I’m not pregnant,” Nicole said, while removing the original misleading update. “Sorry for the confusing post. Hope everyone stays safe there! Peace and love for all.”

Why do the ’90 Day Fiancé ‘stars post something misleading and then apologize?

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Nicole and others 90 day fiancé stars often use a manager to help monetize their social media and post on their behalf. They can make product recommendations, like Nicole did for Flat Tummy Tea. They also share links to news that they think may be of interest to their fan base.

This strategy can work well when a reality TV star posts a link to an interview she’s given, or a preview clip of an upcoming episode. But sometimes these messages can be very confusing and misleading.

Social media post sparked feud between Loren Brovarnik and Ashley Martson

It’s not just the fans who get angry over the misleading posts. Sometimes they can anger a co-star. When Ashley Martson’s management team posted a link to a story about Loren Brovarnik’s pregnancy announcement in 2019, it included a photo from Loren.

Somehow, Loren believed Ashley had stolen her photo for her own pregnancy announcement. But that’s not what happened. Instead, it was a third-party manager posting a link to a news article that caused the confusion.

’90 Day Fiancé ‘star Angela Deem makes money from weight loss

Angela Deem has not been charged with posting deceptive sponsored content in recent times. But she benefited from her weight loss with her nearly 600,000 subscribers. Angela promotes weight loss gummies and weight loss teas. She also promoted a plastic surgeon who she said helped her “refine” her wrinkles.

Given the number of interactions she gets with her posts, Adespresso estimates that Angela could earn between $ 6,000 and $ 10,000 each time she shares sponsored content. Which would make her one of the highest paid 90 day fiancé alumni via social networks.

She also sells her own line of products including t-shirts, tank tops and face masks. And, like many other TLC stars, she makes money on Cameo doing special messages for fans.

The 90 day fiancé the franchise airs Sunday and Monday nights on TLC.

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