Becky Lynch opens up on top social media issues


WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch uses social media very well, but acknowledges its many negatives.

Becky Lynch recently sat down with Graham Matthews of Bleacher Report to discuss all things WWE. When discussing the pros and cons of social media, Lynch admits it’s great to use when she’s setting up a big game, but for everything else she hates it.

“We have a live microphone on us 24/7 and sometimes it can be misused and sometimes it can be used to hype and show more disdain when we get to a big game,” Becky Lynch said. “Ironically, I hate social media. I think it’s stupid, but I think it has a purpose and that purpose can be used for our work. I don’t think people need to see me brush my teeth. teeth in the morning, but I think people can see how I feel about an opponent and my stories in the future. “

Becky Lynch thinks social media can be bad for your mental health

While Becky Lynch enjoys interacting with her fans on social media, she also realizes that this kind of outing can be very bad for someone’s sanity.

“You made a good point about the fans and how they can interact and follow you and I think that’s great. It’s awesome,” Becky Lynch continued. “But one thing that we see with social media… I like to use it for wrestling purposes and to pursue a storyline. I think there is so much… to people’s sanity, I think it can. be bad. I think it can be detrimental. I think people compare themselves to each other. It gives people a way to be constantly angry with things, and I don’t think that’s good for him. world. That’s Rebecca Quin’s philosophy on social media. “

You can see Becky Lynch stepping into the ring with Charlotte Flair in a battle for brand supremacy on Sunday night at the WWE Survivor Series.

What do you think of Becky Lynch’s comments? Do you think she’s right about social media? Let us know your thoughts by having your say in the comments section below.

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