Better reactions on social media to Kevin Durant’s ashy ankles; KD responds


Every move by Kevin Durant is covered by the media. It’s part of being an NBA superstar. However, an unexpected part of him was all the rage online: his ankles. Here are the best reactions around KD’s social media and NSFW Tweet.

Social media react to KD’s ashy ankles

It all started when Slam Kicks introduced Durant’s basketball shoes, as they would any player as their page is dedicated to basketball sneakers. However, KD’s post was in line with other player features. The culprit: his ankles.

The post has several thousand retweets and likes. Eagle-eyed watchers noted the small portion where the Brooklyn Nets star skin showed little skin just above his socks and compression pants. It shows very dry and “ashy” skin near the player’s ankles. To each his own, and Durant probably doesn’t care about a skincare routine. Still, a player who earns several million per season should have access to at least basic things like moisturizing lotion.

As expected, social media has gone wild with their backlash. Here are some of the best of them, including hot shots of Draymond Green and Isaiah Thomas. Green even asked for lotion offers for his ex-teammate.

Kevin Durant’s NSFW response

Trolling ultimately got KD to respond. After all, he’s been caught having burner accounts before, so we know he enjoys interacting with fans.

Durant didn’t need to answer, but he clapped anyway. That’s right: fans who troll him will continue to live their lives as he earns millions a year doing what he loves most. The bashers probably miss having little to no reason to hate KD, especially with his performance this season.

Dry skin also underscores the fact that NBA millionaires are still humans, and Durant is no exception. If he has dry skin, so what? Everyone has dry skin from time to time.

At 13-5, the Nets are atop the Eastern Conference standings. They’re doing it with an almost new roster and without star Kyrie Irving. So laugh as much as you want at KD’s ashy or scaly pegs; he always wins on and off the pitch.

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