DeMe Network strives to become the future of social media with its exclusive features and innovations


DeMe is changing online media narratives. It intends to be much more than a decentralized social media platform.

DeMe intends to be much more than a decentralized social media platform, although that is how the project is intended to start. The team behind DeMe understands that no social media platform will be able to meet the needs of such a diverse global market. However, DeMe’s vision and ultimate goal is to create a media-oriented blockchain that will be developed and serve as the basis for various decentralized media applications and platforms.

That said, the DeMe team intends to achieve this goal one step at a time. They intend to launch on Binance Smart Chain and once their Layer 1 Blockchain and Social Media dApp are complete, they will migrate next. The team intends to implement a strategic marketing plan that targets both social media dApp users and developers who may build other dApps on the DeMe blockchain. DeMe is building a decentralized media solution that is versatile, secure, and puts control back in the hands of its content creators.

DeMe – A Social Media DApp

DeMe’s native social media app is designed to be familiar and intuitive. It draws inspiration from some of the world’s leading social media platforms. The DeMe development team wants users to feel comfortable with how the platform works, including how they create and share content, connect with others, and discover other influencers. While the DeMe dApp MVP will focus on traditional social media features, as the project matures, the team plans to offer a host of blockchain-based features not possible with conventional social networks.

For example, they will be able to earn DeMe tokens automatically, thanks to the blockchain’s L1 smart contracts. By algorithmically calculating the level and quality of their interaction within the platform, DeMe will reward users for that interaction or content creation. These capabilities will empower content creators and allow them to have more sovereignty over their content.

Ultimately, DeMe intends to serve as a blockchain for other dApps designed for decentralized media. The unique features and capabilities of DeMe social media dApp will show what is possible with the platform, encouraging developers to use the DeMe blockchain for their projects. DeMe plans to attract a wide variety of developers who want to build decentralized versions of popular social networks like TikTok, Twitter, and others.

About DeMe Token

The DeMe token will be the only supported currency for advertisements and rewards within the DeMe ecosystem. Since this will be the native L1 token of the DeMe L1 blockchain, it will also be used by all future dApps built on it.

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