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Wed 20 April 2022



The social media boom allows more people to engage with each other through engaging content in various forms, from photos to videos. With this in mind, many brands have learned that they cannot interact with their audience by positioning themselves as “brands”. The growth of digital marketing allows brands to showcase their personality on social media with content that appeals to their target market. In 2015, this led to a significant rise in the power of content trend.

Brands have a long list to add to their digital marketing arsenal, like web development, creative services, digital enablement, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media maintenance. To juggle them effectively, brands will have to work with experienced digital agencies like Noid+ Digital Agency. Established in 2015, Noid+ Digital Agency is always prepared for the dynamic changes in social media trends and beyond.

Amid a dynamic shift in content from photos to videos, Noid + Digital Agency has invited Secret Motion to join the Noid group. Secret Motion is a production house best known for its web series Yakin Nikah (Sure of marriage). The web series was nominated at the 2019 Panasonic Gobel Awards for Most Favorite Web Series. Under the wing of Noid+ Digital Agency, the production house will certainly expand Noid+ Digital Agency’s catalog of services on social networks, including photo and video content.

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In its seventh year, Noid+ Digital Agency with its slogan Digitally Fun is the reference for national and international brands. The agency’s goal is to collaborate with various organizations to bring creative ideas to fruition and meet each brand’s needs and goals. Digital agency Noid+, with its army of young creatives, is excited to pursue greater achievements in the growing field of digital marketing.

Noid+ Digital Agency opens its doors to new collaborations with brands, communities, influencers and other digital agencies. Discover a whole world of content creation through noid.co.id or send an e-mail to hello@noid.co.id.

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