Families need to learn to use games and social media.


Many parents are familiar with the problem: Kids sit for hours at the Playstation and play Fortnite instead of meeting friends outside. Or what happens on Tik Tok gets more attention than what happens during dinner. How do parents deal with these situations? A ban? Time limit ? A workshop at Impact Hub Basel I want to provide answers within the Swiss digital days.

When it comes to games and social networks, the classic division of roles in families is misplaced. Many children often know these topics better than their parents. Yes, the little ones often have to help their guardians when the smartphone is supposed to go “crazy” again. It is important to make up for this ignorance, says Liz Lian, workshop co-director: “I feel that as parents we still have a lot to learn. And this in areas as difficult and complex as games, social media and ever-changing technology. And we need something new. A new approach. And that’s exactly what this workshop is trying to achieve. “

Above all, it also means that together they must find a healthy balance. Another place where young people can learn to interact properly is the specialized office. Creative kids. Here children are supported in a wide variety of skills. Among other things, also in media education.

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