How to Get More Engagement on Social Media Posts


Even though I’m supposed to know what I’m doing on LinkedIn and other social platforms, even some of my posts fail.

It’s always a shame because I think the content is good (and follows the advice I give you all), like a LinkedIn post I did yesterday on email marketing that got less than 20 likes .

I almost deleted it, but I believe in what I said and that it can help others.

Additionally, there are 100 reasons why this post may not have been successful, such as:

  • The time of day I posted – Mondays are tough as people are busy.

  • Maybe the right people weren’t scrolling through LinkedIn at the time.

  • Maybe that was the picture I used

  • The hashtags I chose.

  • The lack of engagement on the post in the crucial first hour after I posted it.

  • The first two lines of the message that can make or break it and compel someone to read it – or not.

  • LinkedIn’s algorithm is also tricky to master.

  • I could go on and on…

Here’s something to keep in mind when one of your posts fails or you feel discouraged from spending a lot of time creating content and not seeing results.

Always remember that you (and I) are much more than the number of likes on our social media posts.

Likes don’t tell the whole story of how your posts are actually doing.

Remember that many people consume content without engaging on social media.

There are people who tell me they love my posts when they never really liked any of my posts. Has this happened to you?

I’ve had many business leads as people who follow me but aren’t active commenters. Some people just prefer not to interact publicly on social media, so likes aren’t the only indicator of success. Not even in the least.

If you’re lucky enough to go viral once in a while, that’s fine, but it might happen once a year and you also have to put that into perspective with the size of your network.

So let’s say you have 1000 connections and 15 likes, that’s pretty good. It’s not about going viral or getting 1000 likes, it’s about who likes your posts. Quality over quantity every day.

If you think your content provides value and usually leads to business and other opportunities, stick with it because you need to build an audience and that takes time, effort, and consistency.

Adjust your posts, but focus on building your network, giving back to others, promoting content for important connections, and creating the best content possible.

Success will come.

You can repost something that didn’t meet your expectations the first time a few weeks later with a different image or a revised opening sentence to see if that improves its performance.

Tell yourself that not every post will be successful or resonate with your followers and that’s okay.

But whatever you do, don’t join any of the fake engagement modules to get more likes because they don’t work in the long run.

Believe in yourself and your messages. And never base your success or self-esteem on the success of your social media posts. These messages are only part of our overall brand.

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