IDR Labs Food Choice test tells you which social class you belong to


5 November 2021, 15:53

What do your food preferences say about you?

Roll, roll! There’s another personality test that’s going viral on social media and this one is about how our social class relates to our food choices.

By now, you are probably already quite familiar with IDRlabs thanks to their wide selection of personality tests. So far we have taken the Difficult Person Test, which tells you how difficult you are to go through. Then there is the detail IDRlabs ‘Twilight Character Test’ who determines which dusk character who you most resemble based on your answers to a series of 35 statements.


The Food Social Class Test is about determining your social class based on the food you eat. Are you more of a fan of the finest caviar and lobster? Then you could be considered in the upper echelons of society. Or, are you happy to munch on a burger and a packet of instant noodles? Well, maybe you are from the lower class.

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IDR Labs Food Choice test tells you which social class you belong to

The IDR Labs Food Choice Test tells you which social class you belong to.

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The brief summary of the IDRlabs test reads: “Food has always been linked to class. Silvia Bellezza and Jonah Berger of the University of Pennsylvania now believe they have a way to identify a social class. person based on how they feel about certain foods. ” So basically the test is actually science based.

In the test you are presented with 35 different dishes, then you should write down your feelings towards that particular dish according to how much you would like to eat. Delights include steak tartare, hot dogs, sashimi, and 24k gold ice cream.

You will then receive a colored pie chart that will show you the categories you fall into: upper class, upper middle class, middle class, lower middle class, and lower class.

You will also receive an overall percentage score for which social class best matches your food choices. However, sometimes your food choices may not be tied to a particular social class.

So… what social class do you belong to?

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