Kate Middleton was ‘tormented’ by her social class, royal author claims


However Meghan Markle has made a lot more headlines over the past year after she and her husband Prince Harry lambasted the British media for its racist treatment of him during their interview with Oprah Winfreyshe was far from the only target of the tabloids.

His sister-in-law Kate Middleton also faced sharp and cruel comments from the press before and after his marriage Prince William. Markle may have called Middleton’s treatment ‘rudeness’, writes a royal biographer, but the Duchess of Cambridge was regularly called ‘mockery’ and ‘tormented about class and social climbing’.

The cruel treatment of Kate Middleton by the British press

Tina Brown addresses how some UK media treated Kate Middleton in her recently released biography Palace papers. The book, which was published on April 26, profiles the wives of the modern royal family and chronicles their treatment in the press.

“No one knew better than Harry what the British press was capable of,” writes Brown. “He had seen it all, from the primordial trauma of his mother’s final hours, to the brutal invasions of the privacy of his former girlfriends, to the monster of every woman in the royal family except the Queen. ”

He had also witnessed how his sister-in-law was treated as soon as the press got wind of her relationship with Prince William. Brown notes in Palace papers“Kate had been tormented by class and social climbing and her mother’s Party Pieces business – ‘Mail Order Bride,'” one columnist sneered. The teasing didn’t stop after the wedding either. She was regularly portrayed as a placid non-entity.

Kate and Pippa Middleton called ‘Wisteria sisters’

At one point, Middleton had been described as “as painfully skinny as anyone could wish, with no quirks, no quirks, no risk of character emergence”. Brown also quoted an unnamed source who told the Daily Mail in 2007, “Kate and [her younger sister] Pippa has already been nicknamed The Wisteria Sisters – they are very decorative, terribly fragrant and have a fierce climbing ability.

Brown continued: “It was perhaps inevitable that the same malevolent scribes who had scorned the class and appearance of other royal women would lash out at Meghan on the run, practically throwing their backs as they stalked. were falling to new lows.”

Markle infamously called this treatment of Middleton “rude”, but insisted in the interview with Oprah Winfrey that there was a distinction between rude and racist treatment. Markle said: “Kate was called Waity Katie, waiting to marry William. Although I imagine it was really hard, and it is, I can’t imagine what it was, it’s not the same. She added, “And if a member of his family can easily say that we have all had to deal with some rude things. Rude and racist are not the same thing.

Either way, it was unacceptable for either woman to be treated this way. We have seen countless stories from tabloids around the world that baselessly slandered the two Duchesses with completely fabricated lies and narratives. The lows some media will sink to just to make a quick buck. Yet there are some things the British media make sure they never touch on or risk being sued by the royal family’s elite list of lawyers.

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