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Pune, November 25, 2021: As the name suggests, social media brings people together. Initially, the use of social media was limited for interacting in groups, but it is now accessible to billions of people around the world. It encourages the power of assembly. he democratized the discussion space. He sank the sights. He has the interactive process that the mainstream media did not tell, Mahfuz Anam, Editor-Editor, The Daily Star, Bangladesh.

Today Symbiosis International University and Pune International Center jointly organized the 5th Dileep Padgaonkar Memorial Lecture. Mahfuz Anam was invited as a guest speaker. His topic for the conference was “Social Media vs. Traditional Journalism – An Existential Struggle.

The session was chaired by Dr Raghunath Mashelkar, Chair, PIC and chaired by Dr SB Mujumdar, Founder and Chair, Symbiosis and PIC Trustee.

Speaking at the conference, Anam mentioned the strengths and weaknesses of social media, he said, with the help of social media, people can express their views, which is new. An ordinary person can speak, can express their opinions, and this is the greatest strength of social media. The reach and speed of social media is unmatched. Traditional media will not be able to do this.

Speaking of weaknesses, Anam said, social media is sometimes biased, not based on fact, it provides disinformation, it spreads hate. Misinforming the masses and no one asking whether the news on social media is true or not, which is the biggest curse. He tries to ignite.

On the other hand, traditional media keep people informed. Traditional media have “editorial control”. News that can cause tension in society will never be published. The mainstream media can control bad news that can lead to violence. Whereas in the case of social media, editorial control is totally dismantled. Traditional media still distribute the valued and verified information while social media democratizes the whole process, Anam added.

In our country, special protection is granted by the constitution to only two professions – the judiciary and the press. Our constitution protects the press. The press serves democracy, it holds power in check, Anam said.

Anam also said that the combination of social media and traditional media is the best fit in the current scenario. Social media has the ability to interact and it has the engagement aspect. But in the case of print media and television, engaging readers and viewers is the biggest challenge. A print edition with the digital edition of the newspaper is the best option.

Speaking of social media threats, Anam said, manipulation is social media’s biggest threat. Government, public and private institutions use social media to manipulate facts and figures. Social media are victims of their own success which they achieved in a short period of time.

Dr Mujumdar, founder and president of Symbiosis and PIC administrator, mentioned in his speech that while social media is popular among young people, journalism has a great future. Events / activities that take place in rural areas need to be promoted more than events in urban areas. Traditional and social media should focus on rural India.

Dr Vidya Yeravdekar, Senior Director of Symbiosis delivered the opening speech. Latika Padgaonkar gave a vote of thanks.

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