Meet Casey Jones, CCA Social Media Consultant


Recently, ACC leadership, the Communications Committee and Casey Jones Communications came together with a new active and inclusive approach to supporting members across all social media channels. Below is a Q&A with Casey Jones, who is an adjunct professor at several Southern California community colleges and previously worked with CCA when she served on the Rio Hondo College Faculty Board of Trustees. Association.

How is the new and improved online presence different from what CCA did before?

CCA has always had a presence on social media, especially when it comes to addressing big issues affecting educators and students. Now we use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as the website, to support our members on a micro level. Each faculty association has things in common and a unique set of challenges. We believe our new approach will increase collaboration and also include a bit of fun and humor.

Can you tell us about the context that led to the update of the online presence?

Social media can be a maddening mix of simple and complicated. Management is committed to engaging with the ACC community more proactively, but also wants to leverage the reach of social media when it comes to issues related to our members. Social media is constantly evolving, and CCA is ready to approach our communications from a more organized perspective. Plus, our members are amazing and we want our social media presence to reflect that energy.

When was the last time CCA revamped its online presence?

The website and past social media campaigns have been effective, but this is the first time a more comprehensive approach has been implemented. We know that our members use social media and we have seen firsthand how social media, particularly in recent years, has influenced legislation and policies that affect educators. We want to be safe and engage with our members and promote them on all platforms. Our members use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitch, TikTok, etc.

We want to make sure that we interact effectively with members on the channels that they and their faculty associations regularly use.

You will also see some changes to the website that will be tailored specifically to our members who are not as active on social media. Every voice within the ACC matters, and we want to make sure we also find ways to engage with our members outside of social media.

Are there any new features?

Members will definitely start to see ways to connect privately on Facebook, in our CCL online break room. Our leading pages will tackle some of the toughest issues facing educators, such as part-time faculty parity, funding, equity, and student advocacy. However, despite these big problems, being an educator is a pleasure. We want to celebrate this every day in our posts, stories and shared resources. We’re excited to take CCA’s social media presence to the next level, so stay tuned.

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