MoonXBT provides one-click contract negotiation, social interaction and copy negotiation services


LEADER social cryptocurrency operator MoonXBT combines socialization and commerce by creating a blockchain neighborhood for the crypto world. On an individual scale, MoonXBT solves the issues traders face due to lack of communication and the rising costs of learning the tools needed to navigate the industry. Globally, MoonXBT provides one-click contract trading, social interaction and copy trading services to global traders, providing them with engaging trading experience.

A leading social commerce entrepreneur must provide a fair trading environment that guarantees security of assets and high liquidity. It also needs fully functional tools for social interaction. Thousands and thousands of users are active on MoonXBT daily, where they interact to forecast and analyze the latest market developments, as well as share and discuss various successful trading strategies.

Price spikes can “take advantage” of a market, removing many leveraged positions. Peak force triggers stop losses or may even liquidate positions. When this happens, all of the margin left in his account, or part of it, is taken by the exchange.

Compared to other trading, MoonXBT offers two types of K lines. Traders can switch between ASK or BID K lines on their monitors. This type of K-line is the product of the weighted average price of the main spot market exchanges. With this dual display K-line traders can focus on the latest price development and seize the best time to trade.

In terms of security, MoonXBT has integrated many former banking executives and a world-class research and development team. Its security procedure is triple protected by portfolio, transaction and system securities. It also implemented cold / hot wallet storage, just in case the servers, trading engines, and databases are under attack. All transfers of funds from cold storage to hot wallets are processed manually and require multiple authorizations. MoonXBT also uses AWS Shield to reduce potential DDoS attacks and simultaneously prevent complex large-scale attacks and deep perspective attacks. Finally, the MoonXBT trading engine has been designed to meet the highest industry standards for online trading. All systems use unique codes to minimize delays and increase the speed of order fulfillment. This is the reason why at MoonXBT, an order is executed in 32 milliseconds on average.

MoonXBT’s elite team of traders will help users execute their trades with the One-Click Copy Trading System. Everything is taken care of by simply following the chosen trader, an easy way to profit, the same way the chosen trader does. Moreover, by copying traders, subscribers can also “steal” successful trading strategies from traders and turn them into their own strategies.

With a comfortable user interface design, a hassle-free trading experience, and a user-friendly trading system, MoonXBT is experiencing exceptionally rapid growth among cryptocurrency users in the six months since its launch. At present, its daily transaction volume reaches 100 million.

Additionally, liquidity is the best standard for measuring an exchange. The liquidity of a platform is measured by how quickly transactions fill without any slippage. In other words, the higher the trading volume and the faster the trading speed, the more liquidity the platform has.

One example is when MoonXBT performed a test in early August. He invited some of the leading copy traders and many of their loyal followers to discover his function of copy trading. One of the traders opened a position with 5,000 USDT and 150x leverage. With the help of the additional promotion of MoonXBT, almost 100 users followed the order, which means that the transaction reached 75,000,000 USDT.

There is no “slippage” when “copying transactions” at MoonXBT. Users open and close orders with their traders in real time at the same price. Those who are interested in Copy Trading and wish to become a MoonXBT trader can register on its official website or contact MoonXBT via Telegram (@MNGloria).

MoonXBT also offers welcome campaign rewards for new traders, a trading bonus of 35 USDT. New merchants can get full cashback on their first order. For example, after registering on MoonXBT, you can top up 100 USDT and complete your first transaction. Then, once the transaction is completed, MoonXBT will refund the user with a trading bonus of 100 USDT. You can trade with the Trading Bonus and the USDT.

The event is by invitation only. Users can register through this invite link to participate: The event is limited to the first 500 new users from the Philippines on a first come, first served basis.

A BTC is back and up for grabs. Participants can get a free trading bonus of 5 USDT and the option to share 1 BTC.

It only takes 1 USDT to open a position. Copy Trading leverage can reach 150x, with just 1 USDT needed to start following your favorite trader on MoonXBT.

If one is popular with many followers, then MoonXBT’s KOL program is for them. There is a commission of up to 50 percent. More trades mean more USDT for the user.

In addition to the commission, MoonXBT partners can also participate in exclusive personalized partner events where they receive top notch support and first class service.

You can register on MoonXBT via this link:

One can also join the Telegram group of MoonXBT (@MoonXBTGlobal) and participate in more campaigns. SPONSORED CONTENT

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