RedCup Canes becomes student social media page for everything UM related


RedCup Canes, an original social media page that showcases college culture at U, celebrates a year of meteoric growth that has seen the Instagram account become a household name on campus and many students’ referral page for related content. at University.

Unaffiliated with the University of Miami, RedCup Canes is a branch of a larger social media network, RedCup News, which sponsors the efforts of college students to create media that showcases the tailgating experience. Launched in 2019, RedCup News specializes in capturing college culture through blogs, videos, promotional events, and podcasts and offers paid internships for students.

Thanks to junior Chema Garcia, the UM iteration of RedCup News goes beyond sports news, delivering a platform full of fun videos and raw UM content.

“The content we create, you won’t find it replicated elsewhere,” said Garcia, who started RedCup Canes a year ago after transferring to UM from Florida International University.

After realizing that the account could offer more than live sports updates, Garcia pitched the idea of ​​creating and posting satirical news updates and it stuck. RedCup Canes posts a variety of comedic posts, including starter packs, student-athlete jokes, and dorm life shenanigans, creating a personalized and accessible page for students.

“Our biggest motto is the culture of the university,” said sophomore film major Paul Villa.

Villa helped Garcia promote the account by scattering RedCup Canes stickers around the college’s Coral Gables campus.

“We’re trying to post things that students want to see that they can’t necessarily find elsewhere,” Villa said.

Chema Garcia, left, and Paul Villa prepare to interview Canes fans and Crimson Tide rivals during the Chick-Fil-A launch match in Atlanta on Saturday, September 4. Photo credit: Chema Garcia

Garcia, an advertising major, met Villa in a film class at the School of Communication. They brainstormed ideas and became the faces of RedCup Canes, tailoring the account for UM students, high school and transfer students who want to know what life is about at U.

“You might think college is super fun because they’re good at sports or something, and then you come in and realize this place sucks,” Garcia said. “The main thing is to produce an experience that prefigures the MU, especially for those who wish to register. This is what I wanted to create.

The RedCup Canes team – Garcia, Villa, Brittani Kaiaiunna and cameraman Dylan Pitt – saw their number of Instagram followers grow from 200 to almost 9,000 in just one year.

“We have almost three-quarters of the school’s followers, and the account is gaining 200 to 400 followers per week,” Garcia said. “We are on the verge of reaching 10,000 by Christmas. “

Villa and Garcia share the name and likeness of their page with Kaiaiunna, the creator of RedCup Canes TikTok. With 3,000 subscribers and 45,000 likes, TikTok has proven to be a valuable outlet to expand the reach of the page, Garcia said.

Garcia creates all content for RedCup Canes in Adobe Photoshop with help from Villa. Both say they are focused on listening to UM students and creating the content they think the community might most want to see. Villa and Garcia say they complement each other to create the funniest posts possible.

“Nothing is planned,” Villa said. “We’re just doing our best to get the other person to say something funny.”

Sophomore Blanca Hervas was interviewed by Garcia on her way to the student section during a recent Hurricanes football game. She and several others were then featured on RedCup Canes “Tailgate Chronicles”.

“It was cool to be in front of the camera,” Hervas said. “The guys had good energy and I burst out laughing when I saw myself on their page. It was fun.”

Garcia spends his free time responding to student submissions and creating satirical topical content that people can enjoy and interact with while providing a platform for students to share stories anonymously, the segment most popular of accounts.

On match days, the RedCup Canes often ask students questions ranging from “Who are we playing today?” To “What’s the craziest thing you did in college that you couldn’t tell your parents?” Responses are typically submitted by students, alumni, parents, and even school rivals.

Garcia and Villa say managing the page is rewarding when they reach their goals of subscribers, views, and other interactions and receive support from the students they work for.

“We want to be something that everyone can enjoy, not something controversial,” Villa said.

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