Ronn Torossian reveals how social media and PR can work together


NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, April 5, 2022 / — Ronn Torossian, Founder of 5WPR, says that at their core, social media and public relations have the same goal, which is to create communication between a company and its target audience. This means that social media and public relations efforts must work together and do so simultaneously; it also means companies need to understand how the two industries can work together in the first place.

Press release on social networks
Companies should make sure to rework their press releases to make them more compatible with social media platforms and their users. This means companies need to back up their press releases by ensuring that all social media sharing features are enabled on those releases. For example, when a company chooses the platform through which to send press releases, it should choose one that has social sharing functionality. These days, most journalists and reporters rely on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to get the latest industry insights. This is why companies should share their press releases on their social networks, while sending them to the right journalists in the right outlets, to generate the most attention. Additionally, for internal PR efforts, companies should research where journalists seek expert opinions on the topics they are writing about. This gives companies the opportunity to share their industry expertise and generate more media coverage.

Whenever senior executives interact with professional clients or colleagues, or engage with them on social media platforms, they are able to build strong and trusting relationships with them. This can lead to many business benefits, as organizations whose owners are active on social media can use these platforms to improve business credibility while gaining the respect and trust of the target audience. Besides LinkedIn, Twitter is another great platform that companies can use to get more attention and increase the reach of their press releases. There, businesses can interact with customers and generate more meaningful insights into their target audiences.

Case studies
A key public relations strategy for many businesses is to create customer-focused case studies that highlight a company’s successes and accomplishments. These strategies generate more credibility for businesses. Stories and experiences from past customers are a great way for businesses to gain more trust from the target audience. However, most people are not willing to spend a lot of time reading long articles that share the experiences of other consumers. Instead of sharing an entire case study, companies can choose some of the highlights of experiences and stories their customers have shared and post them to their social media channels. This way, businesses can also benefit from third-party validation, which can help build even more trust with customers.

Ronn Torossian founded 5WPR, a leading public relations agency.

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