Social media advice for parents after the capture and arrest of an online sex offender


ACADIA PARISH, Louisiana (KLFY) – Members of Acadia Parish with the Sex Offender Registry have discovered that a level 3 sex offender was allegedly operating a social media account under a false name.

Brandon L. brown, 39, of Iota, a convicted sex offender, has been arrested for illegal use of social media. He was incarcerated in Acadia Parish Jail. His bond was set at $ 15,000.

“Our unit discovered that one of our registered sex offenders had broken the law by using a false name to log into a social media platform,” said KP Gibson, Acadia Parish Sheriff.

It’s not against the law for an individual to be on social media with their government’s name, but Brown wasn’t.

The sheriff said parents need to know who is interacting with their children on social media.

“Because you never know who is hiding there. I could put a nice picture of a beautiful lady or I could put a good looking young man to solicit children or anything of that nature and I’m not saying it was done about it, ”the sheriff said.

Sheriff Gibson’s goal is to make sure sex offenders follow the law, which includes not withholding their identities on social media platforms.

Some tips to protect your children on the Internet.

  • Familiarize yourself with social media platforms.
  • Be aware of what you post.
  • Make sure your social media is private.

“One of the most important things we say before allowing a child to log in and have a social media profile is to make sure you have a good conversation with them, that everything online isn’t It’s not as it sounds, ”said Chris Badin, vice president, Better Business Bureau.

You can find a list of registered sex offenders on the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office website or on their app.

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