Social media can give privacy, but can’t build privacy, says speaker Girish Gautam


Rewa (Madhya Pradesh): Vidhan chairman Sabha Girish Gautam said politics is done through social media, which can give information to others but cannot help anyone build intimacy.

Gautam made the statement at a public meeting in the village of Purwa from where he launched a week-long cycling rally.

He said the rally was organized to interact with people and learn about their issues.

Khajuraho MP and BJP State Unity Chairman VD Sharma interrupted the rally by bicycle.

The Yatra cycle will end at Devtalab Stadium on October 31. On the first day of the Yatra, Gautam interacted with the inhabitants of the villages of Padria, Shukulgawan, Belhai, Faredi, Devra Farenda, Manikwar, Hinauti and Rampurwa.

More than 50 people took part in the rally. The rally began after a public meeting in Purwa.

Gautam and Sharma worshiped the girls before the rally started. The President said that the rally was organized to find out about people’s problems.

He said he had given up all the facilities he had as chairman of the assembly for the rally.

Every public representative should have cordial relations with people and interact with them, Gautam added.

The rally is dedicated to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 20 years of good governance, Gautam said.

A sum of Rs 116 crore is spent on the construction of a road between Sitapur and Raipur, he said.

According to the president, 108 villages have the projects of the Nal Jal mission.

Sharma said the cycle rally was organized for the welfare of the people. He urged people to receive both corona vaccines.

Posted on: Sunday October 24, 2021 11:10 IST

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