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Was social media responsible for Xavier Wood to become the King of the Ring in WWE 2021?

Xavier Woods recently sat down with Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post to discuss his WWE Crown Jewel moment and what it means to him. Asked about the unwavering support he received from the WWE Universe and social media during his journey to become the King of the Ring, Woods explained in detail how he thought social media had him. allowed to become king in the first place:

“That’s good because obviously, as you know, the fight is very different from what it was 10, 15, 20 years ago,” said Xavier Woods. “With the advent of social media, you can connect with people in positions like me on TV where people like me want to interact with people who interact with our product. So it’s cool to be able to speak directly to these people and let them know how I honestly feel about things and how much things really matter to me. Because I think everyone can relate to things like that. They can relate to someone who has a goal, who has a dream that they are trying to achieve. They see this person working hard like that in life, whether it is to get a new job, whether it is to get a promotion, whether it is to find a partner, to get a new car.

“So I think people really resonate with the fact that I’ve been shamelessly screaming at the top of my lungs for King of the Ring to come back since I’ve been on the main roster. And I have the impression that in 2019, I let myself pass for that, I took this blow very personally. Being in the tournament from the start, I felt amazing. So every time I walked forward that feeling grew and I think people felt it with me because when someone is genuine and they tell you what they really feel, it’s really hard not to not roll with that because you can identify yourself in one form or another.

“I really think social media gave me this opportunity. Doing things like (the show) “Up, Up, Down, Down” gave me that opportunity. Being in a play space and not in a wrestling space gave me this opportunity. There are a bunch of gaming nerds that I relate to and we relate on a different level. When I make these kind of friends and those kinds of fans in the play space, they say to me, “Oh you struggle? And they start to watch the fight and they say, “What the king of the king?” And then thanks to my social networks, I am able to explain this to them so that they can understand it, even if they are not looking at the product yet.

“When they see that I’m in a game and I’m excited and ready to go and that’s the most important thing in my career, they connect because we have that connection. It is not something that you gain by seeing someone on TV. It’s a personal connection to meeting with them, conversing with them on Twitter, Instagram, whatever. So when these things happen, I think people really feel it. And that, for me, is the new version of professional wrestling. It doesn’t all have to be onscreen on the show.

“I think winning this crown is a great example of that. During promotions, every now and then hints of the King of the Ring would drop. I think 85% of what I did was on social media, or “Up, Up, Down, Down” or in the play space. To see the effects, it tells me what I’m doing. did, be weird and not be the traditional type of guy, not just fall in the mold that was given to me but be myself first and foremost and people tell me, no you should be harder , you could be angrier, you should do this, you should do that. I absolutely refused because this stuff fears me. I don’t want to do this. It’s not boring in general. For some people, this is fantastic. I do not want that. I want to use different tools in my toolbox to build the same house and show people that you don’t have to go the same way. You can blaze a new trail. Just because someone tells you it’s not going to work or that they don’t believe it doesn’t mean you can’t do it and this is a great example.

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