Social media stories of man offering money for a clothes hanger were exaggerated, police say


The boys left the area in different directions – one returned with the hanger and the other told his father what was going on, police said. The boy’s father came to the scene and confronted the man, who then called a family member, police said. Two boys were in the 200 block of South Arch Street around 3:30 p.m. when a man walked up and offered $ 20 in exchange for a hanger to get into a vehicle – which he claimed was his and that it had just been locked, police said.

At no time was the gun shown or pointed at any of the boys, and neither of the men attempted to get the boys into their vehicle, police said. Claims to the contrary were made on social media and prompted police to issue a press release on Tuesday morning.

Police said the adults had spoken and at one point a gun was “exposed”. At this point, one of the men called 911.

Charges arising from this incident are pending, but police did not immediately say what they were and against whom they were laid.

Anyone with information relevant to the ongoing investigation is urged to call Mechanicsburg Police at 717-691-3310.

“Please ensure that information shared and posted on social media sites is verified before passing it on,” police said in the press release. “The police department would also like to make sure that you take this opportunity to chat with your children about the interaction and conversation with people they don’t know.”

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  • Social media stories of man offering money for a clothes hanger were exaggerated, police say
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