Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley returns to social media after six years


Daisy Ridley returned to social media after a six-year hiatus, and many Star Wars fans celebrated the long-awaited news.

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star wars Actor Daisy Ridley has finally returned to social media after a six-year hiatus from public platforms. The actress posted a very relaxed photo after the prolonged posting from online platforms.

star wars is and will forever remain an iconic franchise rich in stories, characters, lore and locations open to exploration. The first six main films are generally more beloved than the last three, but the original star wars The trilogy is generally considered the best the franchise has to offer. Many have turned to the TV series (both live-action and animated), which offers some of the best storytelling that star wars has to offer. It’s no secret that star wars has a passionate fanbase, which is often its downfall.


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Part of the reason Ridley left social media was due to the fan backlash she received. Ridley was one of star wars actors who have been targeted with harsh words, death threats and misogynistic attacks due to fans disliking the recent trilogy. Most of the hate doesn’t even go to the writers or creators but rather to the actors themselves. Kelly Marie Tran was another victim of online abuse. Now, Ridley has decided to return to social media, posting a photo on her Instagram with a message that read, “I’m emerging from social media hibernation refreshed, recharged and ready for what I call my ‘Year of the Dead’. Yes. (And that’s the tea.)”

It never explained why fans seek out talent and not creators. The actors read the lines given to them. In rare cases they have creative control over what is said, but that is not the case here. In the end, it’s just a movie. So throwing hate at someone who is just doing their job is never acceptable. This brutal dynamic between demanding star wars fans and creative talent is something the company witnesses frequently.

Fans are attacking anime studios for not delivering on time or maintaining 1 to 1 accuracy for manga images. Video game developers are attacked for delays or for changing different mechanics. However, it seems that the companies that take advantage of their fans the most by charging them for every little thing in a game and releasing the same shoddy game every year never get as much hate as those that do their best to create an artwork. of art.

There needs to be a discourse about the interactions between fans and creatives. Maybe fans should walk a day or two in the creator’s shoes. Ask a fan to create a game themselves to see how difficult it is. Or have a fan try being on camera with the demanding pressure of having to look your best with unrealistic beauty standards. A big part of that is a lack of empathy, but hopefully that’s starting to change. It’s good to see Ridley again, as she seems to be in a much better frame of mind, and I hope people show some decent human respect in the future.

the star wars saga is now available on Disney Plus.

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Source: Daisy Ridley/Instagram

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