Swara Bhasker’s instant regret after introducing dad to social media is all of us


Uday Bhaskar, the father of actress Swara, is one of the country’s leading experts and critics on security and strategic affairs. (Photo: Twitter)

Actress Swara Bhasker recently had a hilarious Twitter chat with her dad about the “old man’s dietician firing”, and it went viral.

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  • Last update:November 17, 2021, 9:54 am IST

With social media acting as an appendage for everyone these days, there is hardly a person who isn’t typing on Twitter, Facebook, or one of the many social media platforms, but what often seems to be a laughing matter. , these are the hilarious family conversations on social media. Recently, Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker also had an intense and “charged” exchange with her father, C Uday Bhaskar on Twitter, which resulted in a lot of confusion and more hilarity. In a message dated November 15, the actress shared a personal reflection on Twitter: “I just got fired by my dietician. Read this again, my dietician kicked me out. This is perhaps the most point. bottom of my life. “

Now Bhasker may have been “fired” by his dietitian, but that led to a very “intense” tweet from Mr Bhaskar. Quoting her daughter’s tweet about her “lowest point in life,” the former Indian naval officer tweeted this:

And while we get the gist of the tweet that Mr. Bhaskar vehemently agrees with his daughter’s dietitian, we believe the retired military officer is channeling his inner Shashi Tharoor here. At least some think so.

Amidst all of this, the actress also responded to the tweet. But with this hilarious tweet:

But Shashi Tharoor’s influence or not, we’re happy to witness their hilarious yet cute interaction between the father-daughter duo.

Uday Bhaskar is one of the country’s leading security and strategic affairs experts and critics and also contributes, edits numerous research papers on nuclear and international security issues in India and abroad.

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