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Events and circumstances of the past year have forced us to change almost everything we do.

This includes schooling at all levels, and also why it’s so important to emphasize social interaction and learning skills through things like reading, especially at an early age.

Social interaction plays a crucial role in the overall development of our children and is one of the fundamental ideas of preschool education.

Immanuel Lutheran’s preschool director, Carole Fiesman, understands the values ​​of such commitments.

“Social interactions give students the confidence to deal with life’s little problems,” Fiesman said. “It also gives them the independence to take on new things.”

Through social activities, children not only develop a sense of discipline, but also good general behaviors and valuable shared experiences with others their age.

Reading is another key element of interactive learning.

Although the ability to read oneself is still developing in preschool, reading directly to children has many advantages and points of importance.

By listening to stories, children improve their cognitive abilities in several ways. Whether you’re reading fairy tales, children’s books, or even classic literature, their active listening sparks their imaginations as they learn new meanings of many words. It will also help them develop their language, as well as important communication skills.

“Reading to children helps expand their vocabulary and helps them communicate effectively,” Fiesman said. “Reading also improves memory, concentration and reasoning. When you read to children, it gives them basic knowledge about our world. A good story will inspire students to read it again and again!”

These are essential factors in early development and one of the reasons why preschool plays such an important role in socialization and learning during children’s formative years, as Fiesman asserts.

“As teachers, we are always looking for ways to help children succeed and inspire them to learn. Reading and social interaction at the preschool level are essential for academic success.

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