Webb Co. DA office discusses dangers of social media with Laredo College


As part of a district-wide effort to educate students about social media pitfalls, Webb County District Attorney Marco A. Montemayor spoke to students at United Middle School about the negative ramifications that can result vandalism of school property as a result of the TikTok National Challenges.

Montemayor pointed out that anyone caught damaging school property and posting photos or videos of it on TikTok and other social media platforms could be suspended or kicked out of school, as well as legal consequences.

“Social networks are useful for so many things. Unfortunately, it is also used to incite illegal and criminal behavior. I want students to remember that cyberbullying, vandalism or threats of any kind to students, teachers and staff are serious offenses punishable by fines and / or imprisonment, ”Montemayor said.

Deputy County District Attorney Ruben Arce added that students have the power to protect themselves by making wise choices when interacting through social media.

“Whether it’s TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or some other social app, everyone should remember that the Internet doesn’t offer any guarantees of privacy. I urge anyone who uses social media to use caution when posting photos or personal data. Once the information is sent, it can be misused and distributed indefinitely, ”said Arce.

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