Young people and women, social networks, eye on Ayodhya: BSP makes every effort for UP surveys


Outreach events targeting young people and women, a growing social media presence, spotlight on leaders other than the party leader, an eye on Ayodhya – and a “promise” to learn from the past.

Pushed to electoral margins over the past decade, Mayawati’s PASB is pulling out all the stops this time around with a redesigned approach ahead of the UP Assembly elections that goes beyond its previous pre-election initiatives. election and the Dalit voting base.

Several of his new initiatives are personally led by the highest level of the party, including the national secretary general and deputy of Rajya Sabha SC Mishra and members of his family.

Last month, Mishra’s son Kapil Mishra addressed meetings under the “BSP Yuva Samvad” program which aims to engage directly with young people. In these meetings, Kapil Mishra spoke of the work being done by the state governments led by Mayawati even as representatives from different districts were allowed to share their views.

Mishra’s wife, Kalpana, organized meetings under the “Prabudha Mahila Vichar Ghosthi” and “BSP Mahila Sammelan” initiatives to interact with women’s groups from Brahmin and Dalit communities.

Mishra, meanwhile, pushed the party’s established Dalit-Brahmin formulation – the two communities together have a 36% vote share – with meetings that emphasize “bhaichara (brotherhood)” between the two. This time there is also a new slogan: “Jai Bhim, Jai Bharat, Jai Parshuram”.

Over the past three years, starting with the 2019 general election, the party has also increased its social media presence.

Mayawati created a Twitter account in 2018. Misra joined Twitter in July of this year and began live streaming the meetings of “Prabuddha Varg Vishal Ghosthi,” a forum that primarily caters to Brahmins, on Facebook.

Additionally, in a major change from the past where leaders were discouraged from speaking to the media, the party has appointed spokespersons. Some of his recent videos show national coordinator Akash Anand meeting with party leaders in Bhopal.

“BSP connects with all walks of life, including young people, through social media. But the party is also working on the ground, ”BSP spokesman Faizan Khan said.

And in an image makeover exercise, Mayawati appeared to respond to criticisms of the past regarding public money spent on parks, memorials and statues herself by promising at a recent party that she would focus only on the development of the state.

She also announced that the party would not give ballots to “bahubalis (strong men)” and then refused a ticket to the five-term MP and gangster-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari. Ahead of the 2017 assembly polls, Mayawati inducted Ansari and his family members into the party and gave them tickets. Ansari’s older brother Sibgatulla recently joined the SP.

“If the election commission allowed someone to run for office, Behenji (Mayawati) gave that person a chance, but only when that person promises not to engage in any illegal activity in the future,” he said. said Khan, the spokesperson.

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